3 responses to “Is film photography dead in this digital world? Not yet.

  1. great set of TLRs. great blog too. im a big fan of film photography too. got myself around 3 or 4 vintage cameras (including one TLR, a yashica), along with a couple of toy cameras.. and i enjoy using em all. and i love processing my own film too. i hope film never dies out, that’d be a really sad era for photography

    • Hello. Thank You for the comment and the compliments.

      I’m with You like maybe a million photographers that hope film never disappears, and will not happen surely.


  2. unfortunatly as far as i am concerned film photogrphy is dead………..im now hooked on digital……..but i wish they made a simple manual only dslr without all the whistles……film and developing,chemicals and paper have all but dissapeared here in south africa…….last time i tried to buy chemicals and paper i searched and ended up travelling halfway around the city to get them …….then the price was totally out of this world………only a rich die hard purists hobby these days im afraid….

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