A brief and interesting dissertation about film photography.

That’s a really interesting and pretty valid opinion. Take a look…

4 responses to “A brief and interesting dissertation about film photography.

  1. I really don’t understand all of her points of view… She said that her goal is to get to the point where she doesn’t have to do any post processing ? Is that really a goal ? I think that post processing is some kind of “must to do” thing these days, you just can’t leave it out. I love to shoot on film, but I shoot on film as a hobby, I shoot all my work for clients in digital ‘cos most of them don’t accept prints or film.
    She has kind of intresting point of view for the digital versus film, but I just don’t understand or should I say that I don’t agree with her completely.

    But great video for starting conversation about digital vs. film.

    • Thank You for the comment.
      There’s some parts in the video it contradicts itself a bit, but overall I like her point of view and obviously I understand yours. Thanks again.

  2. Using SLR cameras to learn photography is the basic and definitely a very good start. It is also a great way to hone your skills in using manual mode (specially if you’re doing photo journalism, events, and so on). Also it will allow you to understand how each part of the camera works.

    On the other hand DSLR in my opinion is exceptional. Simply because DSLR has its own advantages e.g. work, flexibility, time, cost, storage, etc.

    And yeah, i think some of her thoughts are quite contradicting.

    • Completely agree with You about learning the basics with a SLR, and of course digital are great advantages as You said.
      Thank You again for sharing your opinion here. 🙂

      Kind regards.

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