Best photographs ever – Part I.

1 – Vulture Stalking a Child – Kevin Carter.

2 – Afghan Girl – Steve McCurry.

3 – Migrant Mother – Dorothea Lange.

4 – V-J Day in Times Square – Alfred Eisenstaedt.

5 – Napalm girl, Vietnam – Nick Ut .

6 – Uganda Famine – Mike Wells.

7 – Albert Einstein –  Arthur Sasse.

8 – Fire on Marlborough Street – Stanley J. Forman.

9 – Nagasaki 1945 – U.S. Air Force.

10 – Che Guevara – Alberto Korda.

Best photographs ever – Part II.

25 responses to “Best photographs ever – Part I.

  1. Poor Carter got so much flack for that vulture photo, the argument being that he was exploiting a starving child to get the shot. (Wikipedia has a pretty good — and less harrowing — explanation.) He was there to record the famine — as he said, it was his job — and as a result he opened our eyes to what was happening.

    Lange, Ut and Wells did the same with their images, and likewise remained only observers, yet they didn’t seem to draw so much vitriol.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant! These are all deserving of their place in photographic history!

    • Hello.

      Yes all photos are already known from all of us (I hope), and the message what I’m trying to pass that’s all this famous photos are taken on film. 🙂


  2. Yeah indeed 10 shots, which are among the photo evergreens… 😉

    Have seen them all before, but one can see them again and again
    – they make an impression every time, thanks for reminding… 😉

    One of the JFK photos from Dallas november 1963,
    hard burned into my human desktop too.

  3. All are iconic images for sue and they will endure, though I dare say if you did this again in 20 years some new one would be on your list and they would likely be digital. Thanks for posting these.

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