In the era of digital photography, we can not forget that it all started many years ago and the digital would not have appeared without having the first steps that began with the camera obscura.

This blog serves to publicize the shooting on film that insists on not to die and show to all photographers, from beginners to professionals  the film is not dead, and began again to gain more followers.

Thank You for your visit and enjoy.

P.S. – This blog was not created to keep people away from digitalbut try to realize that the beauty  is film photography, and the whole process that involves to the final result.

40 responses to “About

  1. Film photography seems to be very interesting to me. I see myself checking out your blogs in the next few months! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post about Zurich, much appreciated! You have some really great info on your blog and your passion for the medium of film is evident and inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  3. HI Ricardo, would you mind, if I quote the beginning of your posts on my website with a link to your blog posts? You offer interesting information on film photography, what not many people are doing nowadays. Cheers, Ute

  4. Your blog is so unique! I remember how upset I was when I first heard that cameras were going to go digital. I just loved my camera and was very attached to it. I have finally grown to love my digital too – thank goodness! 🙂

    • Hi.

      Thank You for the award but if You don’t mind i’ll go decline the award. Cause I do not have no great time to make a similar post and follow all of these rules, but lots of thanks for the consideration and to remember to award my blog, it’s really a great honor.

      Kind Regards and thank You again.

      P.S. Maybe later (don’t know when), when I’ve some free time I’ll post an award article in response to yours.

      • no worries it is time consuming making a response, which is why I didn’t answer all the questions. I am not at all offended if you don’t post about it. I did want to post anyway about blogs I enjoy. I really like your blog and the way you are keeping film alive. It’s very informative and nostalgic for me reading it!

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